Tuesday, March 7, 2017

What If You Could Ask Your Body What It Needs?

We have a new tool at the office! We recently acquired a Compass Zyto Scan and are excited to share it with everyone.

My Experience

A couple of months ago, a patient invited me to attend an essential oils party she was hosting. She told me there would be a scanner that could help tell you what oils your body was needing. I was skeptical, how could a scanner tell me anything that was going on in my body? But as skeptical as I was, I was also interested. The biggest challenge (and intimidation!) with essential oils for me has been figuring out where to start, exactly which oil I was needing and how to use it, etc. So I went. And I was convinced. It was quick and easy and the report I got back was dead on. We had just been traveling and I had returned home with chest congestion, sore muscles and all that fun stuff that comes along with it. My report told me I needed R.C., which was designed for respiratory care, Purification for getting the germs out, and a whole slew of oils used for muscle tension, relaxation and focus. It was pretty amazing and opened my eyes to how oils could help me feel better. This gave me a great place to start figuring out what my body was needing.

What's It Like to Get a Scan?
Everybody (and every body) is different, often making it difficult to know what oils are best for you. The scan utilizes proprietary software and galvanic skin response (GSR) technology to provide helpful information when making wellness decisions.

Getting a scan is a simple process consisting of 3 main steps:
     1. We'll enter your basic information (so you can compare your scans over time)
     2. Place your hand on the Zyto Hand Cradle
     3. Run the scan & review the results. We'll send an email with your entire report.

What Happens During a Scan?
During a scan, GSR measurements are taken before & after the Compass software introduces a virtual item. Each virtual item represents a different physical item, ie. an essential oil. In the software, your  body's natural responses are tracked, analyzed & ranked. 

What Does it Feel Like?

Some people report a slight tingling or warmth as their hand is on the hand cradle, but most are unaware that the scan is even taking place (we've never felt anything!)

How Long Does a Scan Take?
Compass scans last just a minutes - making it easy for even children.

Is it safe to get a Compass Scan?
There are no known contraindication. The amount of energy used during a scan is so low that it is safe for infants, children, adults of all ages, people with pacemakers & pregnant women.

What Happens at the End of the Scan?

At the end of the scan you will receive a personalized report displaying a ranking of the virtual items that resulted in greater biological coherence. Quick, personalized information used to assist you make choices to maintain health and wellness.

How Much Does it Cost?
$10 per scan per adult
$5 per scan per child
$5 per scan per member of our oil team

When Can You Scan?
Anytime you are in our office! We will have the scanner up at the office, just ask anytime you are in and we'll be happy to run it for you. If anyone you know is interested in getting scanned, bring them in, or if you are interested in having the scanner at an event you have coming up, just let us know, we're excited to get scanning!

How Can You Get Your Own Oils?
There are a couple of ways to get oils.
1. We place an oil order on the 2nd of every month. If there is ever an oil you need, just ask when you are in or give us a call and we will happily add it to our order and let you know when it has arrived!
2. You can sign up to be a Young Living Member to receive your own wholesale pricing with no obligation to buy each month. If you decide to sign up, use our enroller ID/sponsor ID: 2969735
3. Just ask us, we're happy to help!

- Kristen

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