Sunday, March 19, 2017

Meal Plan: Week of March 19th

Our last week in the office before vacation.  These weeks always prove to be chaotic and busy.  Typically I would want to just pick food up every other night or choose super simple unhealthy options.  However this week we are sticking to a plan so we don't feel miserable before leaving on our trip.

Sunday- Taco night, no special recipes here.  We make our taco meat out of ground turkey to reduce some of the calories and fat.  Also I think the key here is portioning.  Only take 3 taco shells for dinner that will keep you in check

Monday- One pan potatoes asparagus and Turkey Sausage
We really have loved doing one sheet pan recipes in the oven, they are quick and easy and do not require a lot of cooking effort.

Tuesday- Singapore Sweet Potato Noodles

Wednesday- Greek Lemon Garlic Chicken Salad The first thing you will notice about this salad is that it does not have lettuce which makes it delicious.  Instead of Lebanese cucumbers (I have no clue what these are!) I use English Cucumbers they aren't filled with seeds.  Also the better the feta you buy the better this salad will be, my Mom just delivered my feta order from the Greek grocer back home.

Thursday- Quinoa Avocado Power Salad
This one is a staple for is, it can be made ahead of time and pulled out of the fridge when you want to eat.  We add black beans to the mix to add protein.
- Dr. Chris

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