Saturday, March 4, 2017


Go fishing.
Turn off the GPS.
Write a letter.
Smile at strangers.
Make a fire.
Pop popcorn over that fire.
Give away books.
Delete unread e-mail.
Walk your dog.
Slow down.
Say thank you.
And mean it.
Take a midday nap.
Read books.
Sit on the floor.
Be unavailable.
Listen to your favorite album.
Eat vegetables.
Walk your dog again.
Bake from scratch.
Split wood.
Go home early.
Ride your bike.
Call your mom.
Light candles.
Take a stretching break.
Burn old papers.
Throw a dance party.
Wear clothes with fewer pockets.
Shower less frequently.
Don't add sugar.
Ignore to-do lists.

- excerpt taken from this month's Outdoor Magazine

- Kristen

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