Sunday, May 14, 2017

Weekly Meal Plan May 14th

Had a great turn out at the oil party in the office on Saturday - so big thank you to everybody that made it.  We went down to Lakewood today for Mother's Day Brunch, still feeling pretty full from jalapeno biscuits and gravy (I know not a very healthy choice but it was delicious). 

Sunday- California Sushi Bowl

Monday- Eggplant Roll-ups
I am going to add ground turkey to the roll ups for a little protein

Tuesday- One pan Shrimp Fajitas

Wednesday-Chicken Avocado Caprese Salad

Thursday-Slow Cooker Honey Glazed Garlic Chicken and Veggies

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

run out of excuses.

lets be honest, just when i feel like i’ve got a grip on this workout thing, motivation drops, life goes crazy and then POOF, an excuse appears. its like magic, really. just when i need a reason not to get that run in, life almost always throws me a bone and gives me a solid reason not to.

take last week for instance. in a normal week, we operate at the level of busy, which is manageable, but much easier when you are firing on all cylinders. but then the stomach flu hit me. i had no choice but to sit life out for a day and do my best to recover. losing a day out of your week is hard and then trying to make up for it while you still aren’t one-hundred percent is even harder. 

so with 2 weeks until the colfax half-marathon, this weekend was supposed to be my longest training run, the grand finale, final push of training, if you will. but i was dehydrated and weak from being sick. i didn’t want my last big run before the race to be horrible and possibly injure myself or even get sick while running (no one wants that!). so i didn’t do it. 

but then i started feeling bad. excuses are so easy. and while this was a pretty good one, nothing about training for a race is supposed to be “easy.” and while the stomach flu wasn’t a part of the training plan, excuses aren’t either.

20,000 steps before 8:00AM!
so i found a way. it involved waiting an extra day to know that nasty flu was behind me. it meant getting up at 5:15am and starting my run in the dark so i could be home to be with mason in time for dr. chris to head up to adjust his sunday morning patients. it wasn’t the easy way. or the way i wanted to do it. but the satisfaction i got from pushing myself beyond the excuses was more than worth it. it wasn’t the 11 miles i was supposed to do this weekend, but 9.5 miles felt far greater than doing none and letting the excuses win. 

i’m not saying this is how it goes every time i want to sit one out. but this is a great reminder for me that the easy way doesn’t feel so good. and when the calendar is full and it doesn’t seem like there’s time to squeeze that run in, take a second look. 

but i’m not gonna lie, the nap i’m about to take is going to feel pretty amazing too!

- kristen

Monday, May 8, 2017

Weekly Meal Plan May 7th

When I went to the grocery store this weekend, I was thinking warm and sunny.  Warmer weather always makes me think seafood boil.  I am not sure why my mind goes there but it just always sounds good when you are sitting around the backyard.  Of course then the storm rolled in tonight, but oh well, I wont let that disturb my tasty shrimp and super hot cocktail sauce ( Ketchup and extra hot horseradish).  Another busy week in our house, Kristen is doing some freelancing and we have our oil party Saturday in the office.  As well as trying to get out all the wonderful Mother's Day gift baskets to our clients who ordered them in the office this year.  So we really tried to add a few recipes that can be done a head of time.  Our go-to quinoa power salad and a soup.  Hope this helps give you ideas for the week.

Sunday- Shrimp Boil
Monday- Quinoa Power Salad add Black beans and Feta to this recipe, adds a little protein and makes it delicious

Tuesday- Tofu Tacos (no fancy recipe for this one)
First step I press the water out of my tofu which gives it a better texture.  I just slice one brick of tofu in 8 cross sections.  Then I place it between two cutting boards with paper towels between the cutting boards and tofu.  After the tofu has been pressed I coat it with a mixture of sriracha and honey.  Throw it on the grill for a couple minutes per side and cube it up.  Then I simply fill corn tortillas with the tofu and any other toppings I desire.

Wednesday- Thai Cocunut Chicken Soup

Thursday-  Ground Turkey Sweet Potato Skillet