Sunday, February 26, 2017

Feb 26th Meal Plan

I find myself wishing today that we celebrated the Academy Awards like the super bowl.  An excuse to eat crappy foods and drink beer would be awesome right now, however we will stick to the plan stay healthy and fuel our bodies.  This week I am experimenting with something I have never done, trying to make healthy gyro meat or something similar.  It will be made of ground turkey and I am sure it will taste nothing like gyro meat shaved off the spit at a Greek restaurant but hopefully it will satisfy the craving just a little bit.  Good luck with another week of healthy eating, hopefully these suggestions will help you all out.

Sunday - Teriyaki Cauliflower Rice Bowl
We added teriyaki tofu to this recipe but it is not necessary

Monday - Sweet Potato Hash
One of our favorite cold weather dishes savory sweet and satisfying

Tuesday -  Turkey Gyros with spiralized cucumber and tzatziki

Wednesday - Shrimp Fajitas

Thursday - Roasted Spiralized Carrots
Add chicken to this dish for added protein

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