Monday, May 8, 2017

Weekly Meal Plan May 7th

When I went to the grocery store this weekend, I was thinking warm and sunny.  Warmer weather always makes me think seafood boil.  I am not sure why my mind goes there but it just always sounds good when you are sitting around the backyard.  Of course then the storm rolled in tonight, but oh well, I wont let that disturb my tasty shrimp and super hot cocktail sauce ( Ketchup and extra hot horseradish).  Another busy week in our house, Kristen is doing some freelancing and we have our oil party Saturday in the office.  As well as trying to get out all the wonderful Mother's Day gift baskets to our clients who ordered them in the office this year.  So we really tried to add a few recipes that can be done a head of time.  Our go-to quinoa power salad and a soup.  Hope this helps give you ideas for the week.

Sunday- Shrimp Boil
Monday- Quinoa Power Salad add Black beans and Feta to this recipe, adds a little protein and makes it delicious

Tuesday- Tofu Tacos (no fancy recipe for this one)
First step I press the water out of my tofu which gives it a better texture.  I just slice one brick of tofu in 8 cross sections.  Then I place it between two cutting boards with paper towels between the cutting boards and tofu.  After the tofu has been pressed I coat it with a mixture of sriracha and honey.  Throw it on the grill for a couple minutes per side and cube it up.  Then I simply fill corn tortillas with the tofu and any other toppings I desire.

Wednesday- Thai Cocunut Chicken Soup

Thursday-  Ground Turkey Sweet Potato Skillet

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