Saturday, June 25, 2016

Chiropractor Westminster

You probably remember your mom or your teachers getting after you for slouching and telling you to sit up straight. And you were probably annoyed by their insistence, but did you know that posture is, in reality, a huge part of your spinal health? As our chiropractor in Westminster will tell you, posture, and more importantly, your ability to maintain posture speaks volumes about the health of your bones and muscles and predicts your likelihood of developing back or neck problems and suffering from the resulting pain. At Optimal Health Chiropractic our expert chiropractor in Westminster can run a posture and spinal screening to check out the health of your spine and offer solutions to fix whatever problems the test may reveal.

You can even arrange a screening at your event or workplace. Our chiropractor in Westminster will be glad to come and offer spinal screenings and even bring along the ever popular chair massage. Office workers are particularly in danger of developing spinal problems due to bad posture and spending so much time sitting at a desk. Your employees will be thankful to see that their boss is concerned for their health and happiness, and healthier employees bring in better results. Win-win!

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