Sunday, July 23, 2017

Meal Planning Week of July 23rd

Every once in a while in our household we need a reset.  A reset isn't a cleanse it just means we need to take a few weeks and eat really clean.  I actually really enjoy doing this from time to time.  I find that eating simple takes less time at night.  Eating simple for us means eating one serving of protein and one serving of steamed or grilled vegetable for every meal.  This can start to seem boring at times but we only do it for a few weeks so it isn't too bad.  The best part is how you feel after doing it though.  Unfortunately this does not lend itself to stellar meal planning blogs but I will let you know what we are eating each night.

Sunday- Grilled chicken skewers with teriyaki marinade and crab asparagus soup
We use a simple recipe for crab asparagus soup.  Two packets of egg drop soup mix from the Asian food section.  Make soup as indicated by directions but leave out egg.  Add two large handfuls of asparagus and a package of either imitation or real crab meat.  Simmer and enjoy.

Monday- Blackened Grouper with steamed green beans
I prefer to use Emeril's Blackening Seasoning which I find at King Soopers.  However, you could use any seasoning in a very lightly oiled pan.

Tuesday-Grilled chicken kabobs marinated in Italian dressing mix

Wednesday- Blackened Salmon with steamed broccoli
Same as the grouper, just a different fish and a different veggie.  This is really good the next day cold on top of a salad (and you don't have to be the person who microwaved the fish!).

Thursday- Shoestring Sweet Potatoes with sheet pan fajitas on top


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