Friday, November 6, 2015

Broomfield Chiropractor

Of course we would all prefer that these types of tragedies wouldn’t happen to anyone but let’s say that you or a loved one sustains injuries in an unfortunate auto accident and are now looking for a good Broomfield area chiropractor. Optimal Health Chiropractic is here to serve the community in the best way we know with highly skilled and trained Broomfield area chiropractors. It is our philosophy that people should be able to live pain-free happy lives and we are in the business of getting rid of aches and pains--whether they are small annoyances or big life impacting problems.

To limit your need for a Broomfield chiropractor we offer a bit of advice when adjusting your vehicle to maximize protection in case of an auto accident. Protecting your head and neck is paramount to minimizing injury during a collision. Be sure to place the head rest at the appropriate height for your head and neck. A headrest that is too low (the default position is usually the lowest position) can actually be worse than simply not having one at all. Also, it is best to avoid small cars and be sure that the car is equipped with airbags.

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